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Evelina Kreative

freelance content
and copywriting

for fashion and eCommerce
brands, businesses & entrepreneurs


About me

I'm going to speak in first-person - otherwise, it's a bit strange! 

Hi there!


I’m an Australian (Brisbane based) copy and content writer helping fashion, lifestyle and sustainab businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs write content that goes from 🤷 to 🔥.

After working with small businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide, I realised that I could use my writing to bring structure and purpose to communication and jumped into this freelance gig.

Everything I do is with people and the planet in mind - I’m a strong advocate for creating ethical and sustainable work.

what i do

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client love

I have to say out of all of our Freelance Bloggers who have done work for us, you have been the most professional with your service from start to finish. I always had a feeling you were going to be great for us as I saw from your website just how much you are passionate [about] your work.

Founder & CEO - Oberland

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