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If I could sum myself up in three emojis it would be...✍🏽🗺️♻️


Hi, I’m Evelina!


Ever since I was little, I have been creating stories about changing the world. And now that I'm a grown-up (depressing, I know), I've translated that deep love for writing and activism towards Sustainable Fashion and Wellness.


During my studies and travels, I became aware of the inequalities that people from underdeveloped countries face, both socially and environmentally, and I knew I had to make a difference. 

Since then, I’ve been fortunate to share my learnings in reputable magazines like OodyKoo Journal, Rntr., the Australian Fashion Council and more. I believe that by crafting and sharing these stories, I give a voice to the voiceless.

I know there's no one way to be perfectly green, and I welcome any brand that strives to be better tomorrow than you were today.  


If you are tired of looking for a reliable freelancer who knows the meaning of deadlines and transparent communication, I would love for you to contact me.


You'll find me in my cozy Melbourne home, sipping on a chai latte but (thanks to the internet) working with clients in any time zone. 


When I am not glued to my desk, there's a 90% chance I'm chasing after my squishy toddler and a 10% chance I'm watching a foreign film.


I have a background in Sustainable Fashion Design and most recently upskilled by completing a Diploma in UX Design to stay on top of all digital trends and best practices. 

Why choose me?

I am naturally SUPER creative and will ALWAYS have a million new and fresh ideas for your business.


I also know that working with a Freelancer can be unpredictable, but I always ensure to meet your deadlines and work with your timelines for various content projects.


If you care about living a holistic and sustainable lifestyle, then we will definitely get along. 

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