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Are you a run-down business owner longing to free up space in your Google calendar? Let me take care of your content and copy needs.


I'm a freelance writer that crafts copy that's engaging, personable and pulls at your customer's heartstrings. My speciality is website copy, blog posts, newsletters, course content, social media captions, or anything else with words. 


My human-friendly approach means I will uncover all layers of your brand to identify what's working and the pain points and craft a final product that sounds like a friend chatting with your ideal audience.

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Content Writing

Content writing tells a story. It could be a blog post about your exciting new range of organic products, social media posts to share a behind-the-scenes look into your business, or a testimonial about why customers can’t stop raving about you.

Example projects:

  • Monthly blog posts

  • Testimonials + case studies

  • Course content


Social Media

Our attention span is short. Especially on Social Media. The key is to hook your audience within the first second with a scroll-stopping graphic or video and a catchy opening line before diving deeper into your offer.

Example projects:

  • Monthly Social Media management

  • Writing 3 months of Social Media captions



Copywriting is designed to sell. It could be to communicate a new product offer, encourage newsletter signup, or click on a particular product or service. I’ll get into your customer's head to craft copy that elicits trust and credibility. 

Example projects:

  • Website revamp

  • Launching a new website

  • Sales landing page


Emails and Video

Your email list is the most important brand asset you have. It’s entirely yours, so use it to your advantage by nurturing relationships, offering new products, and building brand awareness and trust with your loyal followers.

Example projects:

  • Email Welcome Flows

  • 3-4 weekly emails (per month) for e-comm or personal brand

  • x10 VSL scripts

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93% of my clients are looking for support with more than one task. And since content and copywriting stretches across every touch point in your business it's worth considering the entire customer journey. That's why it's important to have your copy on point from the first social media ad someone sees, to the final checkout page on your sales page.

On the FREE Discovery call we discuss your goals are and come up with a custom quote. 

Here are the 3 most common packages


For new and existing brands and coaches


7 page website copy including in-depth customer research and analysis, layout recommendation, 2 revision rounds


Personal brands and e-commerce brands*


3-4 weekly emails to nurture and sell to your list tailored to coaches

3-4 weekly on-brand emails for e-comm brands 


For new product/course launches


An entire sales page written using modern copywriting techniques that will convert your leads to sales.

(+ add on email marketing sequence)

If you require graphic design services it can be added to your package :)


Your most pressing and Frequently Asked Questions answered.

Are you familiar with sustainable fashion, eco-friendly and wellness principles and terminology?

My educational background is as a Fashion Designer where I specialised in Sustainability.
I specifically work with consciously-minded brands aligning with my values to ensure I accurately convey your brand's values, tone and messaging.

 Have you written for various digital channels like websites, social media, blogs, and emails?

I understand that different platforms require different approaches. I tailor content to each platform's requirements. Click to see examples of my work.

 What's your strategy for integrating SEO into your content?

SEO is essential for visibility. I strike a balance between incorporating relevant keywords (without keyword stuffing), while maintaining engaging content that still sounds very natural and conversational.

How do you ensure your writing resonates with our sustainable and environmentally conscious audience?

 Before starting to write I do a deep dive into understanding your specific target demographic, create a customer avatar, research your competition, point out what makes your business unique and share these insight with you before I begin working.

 How do you handle feedback and revisions?

All my packages include a certain amount of revision rounds and I'm always willing to make additional revisions to make sure your expectations are met. I also believe that collaboration is key and the better I understand your needs the less 'editing' there will be.

How do you capture and maintain our brand's unique voice and tone in your writing?

Your brand has a specific style – and I will adapt to it and maintain consistency across different platforms. Before writing I will ask you to fill in a branding questionnaire and we will also discuss your customers in the  discovery call. All this info gives me a thorough overview of your customer and brand voice.

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